Independence Day: Resurgence, AI Orb hologram

During the post-production of "Independence Day: Resurgence" I was tasked with several VFX concept art tasks, including exploring shapes and forms for the hologram generated by the benign alien AI.

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During the production phase there was a moment in which the director wanted to develop the idea of the AI sphere opening and unfolding to reveal a more complex aspect of itself inside.
AI Orb, unfolding: 1 of 3

Paolo giandoso 234e3040925943 58113e4aa0e7a

AI Orb, unfolding: 2 of 3

Paolo giandoso 84ee2d40925943 58113e4aa16dc

AI Orb, unfolding: 3 of 3

Paolo giandoso 0a189140925943 58113be94b884

Another example of VFX concept art on plate. The Area 51 hangar had to be extended to create an entrance and a space for the Moon Tug that carried the AI sphere.

Original Plate.

Paolo giandoso a393a240925943 58113e4a9d20b

Area 51 hangar set estension.
Part 1 of 4

Paolo giandoso d4646940925943 58113e4a9d8c5

Area 51 hangar set estension.
Part 2 of 4

Paolo giandoso d13b7e40925943 58113e4a9df33

Area 51 hangar set estension.
Part 3 of 4

Paolo giandoso 69483c40925943 58113e4a9e41d

Area 51 hangar set estension.
Part 4 of 4

Paolo giandoso f4bb1e40925943 58113e4a9ef40

The container for the AI Orb, which gets ultimately cut in half by a laser beam.

Paolo giandoso 5a91fc40925943 58113e4a9e975
Paolo giandoso 5da40f40925943 58113be94ae3d

Early storyboard for the AI narration.
The green light with a wasp-like pattern represent the evil aliens ships and the orderly light spheres with the blue trails represent the benign AI starships.

Paolo giandoso 938b7140925943 58113e8f495c8

Storyboard for the AI narration in a way less abstract style. Here the story told is the destruction of the AI planet by the evil aliens' mothership.

Paolo giandoso 2b874740925943 58113be94a398

AI Orb hologram, studies

Paolo giandoso 172f6040925943 58113b5fa5bed

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
1 of 8

Paolo giandoso 64abfe40925943 58113b5fa5738

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
2 of 8

Paolo giandoso 1c30a940925943 58113b5fa28af

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
3 of 8

Paolo giandoso e68b8e40925943 58113b5fa2efc

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
4 of 8

Paolo giandoso 3e15c240925943 58113b5fa9b64

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
5 of 8

Paolo giandoso a3cb0e40925943 58113b5fa6a0f

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
6 of 8

Paolo giandoso 60e22e40925943 58114320bd036

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
7 of 8

Paolo giandoso 63191440925943 58113b5fa12ec

AI Orb hologram, permutations.
8 of 8