ILM Art Challenge

Note: I'll post my other vehicle design soon.
It was great to partecipate to the ILM Art Challenge, feels like I learned a lot.
Congratulation to all the amazing winners!
I'm also happy that one of my images was selected for the gallery of the Director Favorites :)

Paolo giandoso cc submission 02

The Deal:
Darth Vader forces Lando to betray his friends. The Sith Lord has force-chocked all of Lando´s guards to death in a display of power and Lando, for the sake of the citizens of Cloud city, accepts Vader's deal.

Paolo giandoso gb submission 02

Oh Dear!:
This moment happens right after Leia has been unmasked in Jabba´s palace. Bib Fortuna shows Senator Organa what garment His Excellency wants her to wear from now on. C3PO is of course there to translate.

Paolo giandoso ewokpulley 006

It may be a haphazard form of transportation, but for the areas of Endor that are unsafe to cross, the Ropeway is the Ewok's best chance of survival. Since accidents do happen, they place holy symbols on the baskets and have the Shaman bless it regularly.

Paolo giandoso ewok ropeway refs 001

Reference sheet for the Ewok Ropeway. I love the fact that the Ewoks do not know metal and still they manage to overthrow the Galactic Empire.I thought it would be a nice challenge to design a primitive pulley system that does not use metal at all.

Paolo giandoso moisture harvester plans 01

Farming equipment! I thought to design the tool Luke´s family uses for the famous Harvest. I love the feeling of Tatooine and I wanted to have a model that could feel like it would belong in uncle Owen´s Garage.

Paolo giandoso moisture harvester silhouettes 02

Silhouettes for the Moisture Harvester

Paolo giandoso moistureharvester refs 001

Reference sheet for the Moisture Harvester