Brahmastra: Astra Weapons.

I had the chance to do some work for the movie Brahmastra and help ideating the look of the powers of 2 of the Astras, the Nandi Astra (Bull Bracelet) and my personal favorite, the Nag Dhanush Astra (Snake Bow).
Since magical energy effects like these are tricky to express as a single frame, together with some more realistic images I prepared some ani-concept to show how the power would flow during the scene. Also TBH, I absolutely love doing ani-concepts, so any excuse I have to put them in I take it :D

I loved designing The Nag Dhanush Astra. The director had a very specific idea that wanted to see in pictures: he described "a bow that fires two serpentine arrows of green energy that merge into one single snake mid flight and always hit the target".

The Nandi Astra. I was asked to design the power of the Nandi Astra, the Bull Bracelet, so I prepared this ani-concept to show its effect in motion. The impact that this weapon generates is strong enough to stop a large truck at full speed.

A few variations for the energy of the Nandi Astra, manifesting as a bull during the impact.