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Her Serenity

Her Serenity, the Lady of Pain.
I always loved the aura of mistery around this character from the 1994 Planescape Setting, so I decided to make an homage to the tremendous skill of Zebb Cook and Colin McComb who wrote it and Tony DiTerlizzi and Dana Knutson who illustrated it. The idea was to redesign the Lady to fit in a live action movie or a Next-Gen game's cinematic and at the same time keep her essence faithful to DiTerlizzi's and Dana's work.
It was fun to imaging how the different materials and textures would look and feel in the real world, especially the rusted metal mask. I wanted the fabrics to feel rich, but also ancient and keep a limited color palette with some points of color on the face and on the little items on her belt.
I hope you'll like it.

Special thanks to Giancarlo Gallinoro for the support with the VRay volumetrics in the turnaround videos and to Christopher Brändström for sharing his workaround on how retopologizing MD meshes and keep the UVs intact.

Paolo giandoso still 01 closeup v002 small

"The mistress o' Sigil? Ye've not "heard"? Ye must be blessed or more cluel... eh, know little about Sigil... Lady's word's law here in Sigil. "Cept she don't say much. Dead silent she is, actually."
Hive Ward dweller.

Her Serenity

Character turnaround

Paolo giandoso still 01 v003 small

"That bladed witch! All high and mighty, mistress of all the city, floating and silent, she kills anyone in her shadow. She tends the city, aye... And leaves the living things in it ta "rot"."
Hive Ward harlot.

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Paolo giandoso still 03 v006 small
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Materials Reference Sheet

Paolo giandoso 4

WIP, face

Paolo giandoso 5

WIP, face

Paolo giandoso 2

WIP, props

Paolo giandoso 7

WIP, props