Venom, Let There be Carnage: Prison Break

Ani-concepts for Carnage prison break.
I was given a 3D previz and some shot footage, and asked to riff on it for a coupe of days.
The request was to find ideas for making Cletus feel more threatening..
.. I might .. have gone a tad overboard. But hey, he is called Carnage for a reason. :D
Some ideas made the final cut, like the tongue.. thingy at the end.
Overall it was great fun :D

Fireworks of Blood: Ani-Concept for the Prison Break sequence.
Murder is like music to Carnage.

Early on, the director was interested into seeing Carnage rampage through the prison hall like a wave of destruction, so I prepared this ani-concept to visualize the idea.
My main inspiration was the Shining's river of blood.