Pale Night

Paolo giandoso palenight 01b
Paolo giandoso palenight 07
Variation 01: When Pale Night wants to reveal her true form, her shroud quickly begin rotting until nothing is left of it.
Paolo giandoso palenight 04
Variation 02
Paolo giandoso palenight 3b
Variation 03, Velvet Shroud
Paolo giandoso palenight 6b
Variation 04
Paolo giandoso palenight 05
Variation 05

"She appears as an ethereal flowing shroud with the suggestion of a shapely female body underneath. It is said that Pale Night's true form is so hideous and terrifying that reality itself rejects it. The shroud that she "wears" hides it. To glimpse Pale Night's true form is risking madness and death"

Two days ago I saw the description of this arch-demoness on Wikipedia. It was an idea so beautiful I just had to make a concept of it. For the visuals I got inspired from the baroque fashion of the "veil of marble".

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